Private Training

Receive individualized attention so we can help you with your specific needs at a time that works best. We are committed to helping you achieve optimal health and will meet you at your level. We pride ourselves on training in a manner that is sustainable and builds relevant three-dimensional strength.

Small Group Training

We keep our group classes small so you are provided with the attention you deserve. FridaFIT will make certain you are able to learn correct mechanics and are given the tools needed to build a body that is strong, mobile and functions optimally. Whether you are advanced or just getting started, our training will work for you. We provide a variety of class times as well types of classes. For more information, take a look at our schedule.

Semi-private Training

Train with your athletic team, friends, a spouse or co-workers at a time that that works for the group. Contact us at to inquire.

Off-site Training

We come to workplaces, hotels, condominiums and more. Set up a complimentary intro session at your workplace or residence today!

Private, semi-private and training for athletes are available off-site as well. Contact us at to inquire.

Training for Athletes

Athletes who train with us can expect to build explosive three-dimensional strength as well as reduce their risk of injury. We help athletes build a solid and fully integrated foundation as well as strong and applicable rotational strength. Developing well executed rotational strength via the sling systems is important for all athletes because humans rotate when we run, swing a bat, racket, golf club, shoot with a hockey stick, punch, kick, pivot in basketball and even when we walk.

FridaFIT believes a body that is able to maintain solid structural integrity while performing dynamic three-dimensional movement is one that performs better. Training for athletes can be held both on and off-site. Contact us at to inquire.