A logical solution that's helped resolve knee pain and improve movement patterns

In this video, Jess shares how the Functional Patterns training method has impacted her life from managing knee pain to improving movement patterns in athletics and every day life.

A runner who had a leg length discrepancy as well as pain and injuries from running.

Jake tells his story as to what led him down this path and the benefits he has experienced. Watch him share being told one of his legs was shorter than the other and dealing with other dysfunctions and pain which impacted his gait cycle when running to the improvements he has made up to this point.


“I started 2013 feeling like I had hit my all time highest weight and felt sluggish and weak. Not a great feeling for a gal to have (no one likes all the jiggly bits). With the help of Frida, I’m now much stronger and more lean. It’s amazing to see the advancement in my core, overall strength and endurance. I would encourage anyone to challenge themselves and commit to FridaFIT classes – it does wonders for your body, self esteem and health.”


“I was so flattered when my oldest daughter, Lauren asked me to be her workout partner! Enter FridaFIT, a Wonder Woman dressed in a combination of black and neon green. Frida is energetic, smart, organized and realistic with her planning and training. My hunch is I’m her oldest client but I have to say, “I’m hooked”! My daughter and I are now transitioning from a summer of one on one personal training to twice a week group fitness classes. If you’re looking for a fitness trainer who pushes you, understands you, encourages you and helps you be your best self, call FridaFIT!”


“FridaFIT has been one of the best exercise experiences I’ve had in years. Frida is great at working with individual goals (I’m working back up to where I was in college); after eight weeks, so far every single workout has had a direct connection to my goals and illuminated (many) new opportunities for improvement and growth which I would never have identified on my own. There are a lot of places offering equipment and memberships but nowhere else I’ve found with as high quality of instruction, comparable environment and awesome workout partners.”


“I was introduced to FridaFIT through a friend who encouraged me to attend a class and I didn’t know what to expect. The workouts were challenging because Frida sets high expectations for her clients. Frida creates a positive environment that allows individuals to achieve personal fitness goals. The exercises are exceptional and will challenge any person regardless of their current fitness status. Additionally, she provides nutritional advice and expertise to help improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I strongly encourage you to attend a FridaFIT class.”