The term “Functional Training” is one that is widely used in the fitness industry so this page will break down our objective definition to help you understand the Functional Patterns approach. Every organism on the planet has a blueprint from which it moves through its gait cycle (walk/run). Kangaroos move linearly in a bilateral fashion meaning they move forward and backward (saggital plane) where both feet lift off the ground and plant at the same time. Dogs walk on all fours, monkeys swing from branches, fish swim and birds fly. However, when humans move through their gait cycle, their legs move unilaterally (one at a time) in the saggital plane while oscillating their weight from one side to the other as they rotate their torso. This is called contralateral reciprocation and is essential to human biomechanics. When moving dynamically, humans also move in the frontal plane (side to side). Functional Patterns is a Human Biomechanics training program that prioritizes this biological blueprint from which human beings move (walking, running and throwing) so that you learn how to build an integrated strength and generate effortless power. There are very intricate details involved when it comes to training a body to move in an efficient manner while simultaneously correcting dysfunctions. Every movement we perform is done so with intention and has a purpose so you not only get a challenging workout but you are continually polishing your mechanics and ridding your body of dysfunction.

It is a fact that everyone has distortions in their body caused by our environment and faulty movement patterns. We will teach you how to address said distortions via myofascial release and corrective exercise. Dormant areas will be awakened and you will learn what it feels like to have a better connection with your body. This is the just starting point and great a thing about Functional Patterns is that your progression will be endless. The longer you participate in Functional Patterns, the more advanced and efficient your movement will become and the stronger you will be.

For more information about our method, watch the videos below or visit our blog.

Posture Corrections of FridaFIT clients as well as other FP Practitioners

Frida Performing Functional Patterns Movements

Advanced Movements by FP Founder Naudi Aguilar

Defining Functional Training

Lee Performing a Contralateral Step Press *turn sound on*